Hello! You may be wondering who on earth I am. Good question, my friend, good question.

Here are some things you may, or may not, know about me:

My name is Jamie Littler, and I am an author - illustrator, who lives in merry ol' England.

I especially specially specialise in children's books and comics.

My children's illustration is represented by Jodie Hodges at United Agents.

I graduated from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth in 2008 with a big ol' BA(Hons) degree in illustration. It's very nice.

I won a High Commendation Award at the Macmillan Children's Book Awards in 2008 for my book 'Ghosts in the Snow' I did a little jig due to this, known as the 'Macmillan Swing'. 'Hamish and the Worldstoppers', a lovely book I worked on with writer Danny Wallace, won the Sainsbury's Children's Book Prize in 2016. There was much dancing then, too.

I am currently working my socks off on my very own children's middle grade fantasy series, more of which shall be revealed soon. I am the creator, writer and illustrator of the comic series 'Cogg and Sprokit' which was serialised in the Phoenix Comic. My debut children's book 'Mum's the Word' (Written by Timothy Knapman) published by Hodder Children's Books was released in Spring 2013. I have since been working incredibly hard on many children's books, comics and fiction series, including the world reknown 'Famous Five' by Enid Blyton. I find this to be the most splendid, outrageously fantastic job in the world, and yes, I am aware of Ostrich Racing.

I own 32 pens now, and only about a quarter of them work.

My hair grows at super human speed.

I dreamt I had a beard once, but realised it was just a dream.

Like most illustrators; I love to draw. Almost anything. Even squids. ESPECIALLY squids. I hope you enjoy my online portfolio!

All works copyright Jamie Littler.