Early Reader Series

Written by Phil Earle

Albert and the Garden of Doom

Albert LOVES football. But he HATES the Garden of Doom next door. He’s always kicking his footballs into it, and he can’t go and get them back – Mr Creaky lives next door, and Albert is terrified of him.

But when he kicks his friend Errol’s ball into the Garden of Doom, Albert knows that he has to be brave. Could there be more to Mr Creaky than meets the eye? Could he be a jewel thief? A wizard? A secret agent?

Albert doesn’t know… but he’s about to find out!

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Elsie and the Magic Biscuit Tin

Elsie loves chocolate, so when she’s granted a wish, there’s only one thing she wants: to turn everything she touches into chocolate.
It should be heavenly, but is it…?

Elsie’s always known that there’s something a little bit magical about her Grandma’s biscuit tin, and when she discovers that it can grant wishes, there’s only one thing she wants – chocolate! But Elsie’s wish to turn everything she touches into chocolate (even Grandma!) soon causes chaos.

Can she get the magic biscuit tin to grant her one last wish to help change everything back?

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All works copyright Jamie Littler.